Some thoughts while waiting for winter

4.9.2012 | Blog

Summer is ended and one great time of the year, autumn is here. Nights are dark and weather is also coming colder. It means that training time is coming closer and that way also winter! Summer has been good, even that we had couple of not so nice things here. End of June we lost one great dog, Aamaq, even that he was only nine years old. He had very bad cancer in stomach and there was nothing to do with it. Other thing was beginning of August when Amor had metritis. Situation was already very bad but she survived and she is feeling already great.

Good news also! We have one new member in our pack. No, we don’t have new puppies or even new huskies but one 8 year old bordercollie, called Remu moved to live with us. Nice boy and seem to do well with us!

Finally I have some time to startt putting some new stuff to our new websites, so check it out once in the while!

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