About Us

Kota-Husky is located in Posio, Lapland, next to the Riisitunturi National Park. At the moment we have  45 Siberian Huskies who are in best working age. Then we have also retired huskies who are spending their time telling stories for younger dogs.

Kota-Husky is quite a fresh family enterprise. We have started our business 1.12.2007. During winter 2007-2008 we were still operating in Ivalo, but now we are doing husky safaris in Posio. We have experience in arranging husky safaris for many years already. Lauri has been working as an employee in a big husky farm for five winters, and Marika has had her own huskies since the beginning of the millennium. Marika has also worked with her dogs for many years. We only can take 12 persons at one time on a safari. In other words our business is not mass tourism.

The main principle in our activities is to guarantee individual, leisure-time service for each client, even when we are working, our clients are having vacation! Most of the trails we use in safaris go around the Riisitunturi National Park, so the ground for the nature travelling is excellent. All the safaris in the national park are carried without snowmobiles, like all the other safaris if possible. Usually we start safaris from our farm but if needed we can transfer the whole husky pack wherever you are!

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